Surprise: Florida Guy Who Hosts A Radio Program Touting Gold Accused Of Running A Ponzi Scheme

Look people, if you want to buy gold, there are probably two decent ways to do it. Buy some actual gold and store it somewhere safe, or buy some gold ETF backed by a major financial institute. If you want to speculate more, youc an buy a gold miner.

Don’t invest in gold through the yakker on AM talk radio. Just don.t

Courthouse News:

A man claims a Miami “radio personality” pushed a Ponzi scheme in gold coins. Ray Larsen say he lost $250,000 to John March, who calls himself the “chief technical officer” and “official spokesperson and face” of the Superior Gold Group. March hosts a syndicated show on Financial Lifetime Radio in which he claims to give “the most current and cutting edge information about purchasing gold,” according to the complaint in Miami-Dade County Court.
     Larsen says he forked over $250,000 to Superior Gold Group after March “arranged and presented” a program at the Fisher Island Club, in one of the ritziest areas of Miami.
     March persuaded people to buy an “alleged portfolio of gold coins,” which he represented as a “solid investment,” Larsen says.
     But Larsen claims he never received his gold, though March “promised Larsen to hand deliver ‘your gold to you.'” Larsen says his requests for a refund have been ignored.

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