Surgeons Take Over Hospital And Make Hilarious Video Strutting Their Stuff to Maroon 5's Moves Like Jagger

Pindara Hospital Doctors Moves Like Jagger

It’s like a dream sequence in a movie.

Doctors going about their daily routine suddenly break into song and dance, using surgical props to the tune of Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger.

The surgeons at Pindara Private Hospital on Australia’s Gold Coast pouted their lips, strutted and twisted their hips for an end of year video clip.

Trish Hogan, the hospital’s CEO, donned a golden dress and blond wig to play Aguilera.

It was all about having some fun. Life can’t be serious all the time.

Professional dancer teacher Alison Cotterell of Street Jam choreographed and directed the clip Moves Like Jagger after just four hours instructing the the doctors.

“My students were punctual, disciplined, focused and funny,” Cotterell says.

“I was most impressed how these people with incredibly responsible jobs were happy to commit to something that may seem frivolous.

“A good foil for the serious side of their work.”

The clip took six hours to complete, all done on a Sunday night in the hospital.

“I found this a very positive experience for both me and the doctors and a great team building exercise,” she says. “A clever business idea and great for morale.”

Watch for the out-takes at the end. LMG Digital Media did the filming and editing.

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