The surgeon widely associated with the death Kanye West's mother says she was given 20 vicodin before she died, blames Kanye's cousin

The surgeon widely blamed for the death of Kanye West’s mother wants to officially clear his name.

Donda West died in 2007 at the age of 58 soon after she received a cosmetic procedure from Dr. Jan Adams.

Adams has recieved tons of criticism over the years, and his practice eventually went out of business following West’s death. But he has always said that he did nothing wrong — that West died from complications not directly related to surgical procedures.

In a recent interview with Inside Edition, Adams again claimed he was not at all responsible, but was set up as a fall guy for West’s death. He also said he thinks the death could have been easily prevented. 

“This lady shouldn’t be dead,” Adams said. 

After West’s surgery, Adams supposedly suggested she stay in the medical facility under their care. But West wanted to stay with her nephew, Stephan Scoggins, who is Kanye’s cousin and also a nurse. During the interview Adams reads notes he made from 2007 detailing the incident.

“Her caregivers gave her 20 Vicodin tabs in less than 20 hours,” he said reading the notes. Adams believes the overload in pills caused West to choke to death. He said she was left on her back — unattended.

“All he had to do was sit her up,” Adams said of Scoggins who he claims wasn’t watching her. 

“What’s Donda West’s problem? Her nurse wasn’t there,” he added. “Her nurse was gone to a baby shower rather than taking care of his aunt.”

According to Adams, when West was left alone she went into cardiac arrest. 

Adams also challenged Kanye to tell what he knows. “The truth when you bury it just grows bigger,” he said. 
Kanye has always personally taken the burden of his mother’s death very hard.

At the 2008 Grammy’s he put on this emotional performance of “Hey Mama” just months after his mothers death:

Earlier this year he told E! Online that “If I had never moved to L.A. she’d be alive,” but said that he would “cry” if he talked about it. Kanye has never went public with what he knows of the situation, but has expressed his thoughts through his music.

Watch the piece that aired on Inside Edition below:

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