A group of surfers rescued a rogue deer that went for a swim in the ocean

Asbury Park Press.That is a deer.
  • On Tuesday, a man and his girlfriend were on the beach in New Jersey.
  • They saw something strange run into the water: a deer, the Asbury Park Press reported.
  • They tried to rescue the animal but couldn’t quite get it out of the cold, choppy waters.
  • After several attempts, a group of surfers was able to get the deer back to land.
  • The heart wants what the heart wants. That animal wanted to swim.
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While sitting on the beach in Belmar, New Jersey, on Tuesday, one couple saw something pretty unusual.

A deer, as in the land animal, ran from the sandy shore into the water, the Asbury Park Press reported.Ultimately, the animal had to be rescued by a team of skilled surfers.

But first, Drew Inman, 26, and his girlfriend did what they could to bring the animal back to dry land.

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“Before we could process what was going on, the deer had (swum) nearly 25 yards out from the shore,” he told the Asbury Park Press.

Inman said the rescue efforts were not easy. The water “was extremely cold” and every time he tried to grab hold of the deer to bring it to shore, the animal would swim into the waves.

That’s when a group of surfers – all of whom were dressed in wetsuits – intervened.

Inman said it took them 30 minutes to rescue the deer, which continued to attempt to swim away. You can watch part of the rescue caught on video, via the APP:

“The surfers went around the rocks and forced the deer to the shore,” Inman said. He estimated the deer had swum out about 100 yards – or the length of a football field – from land.

Ultimately, the animal had to be cradled like a baby and brought back to the sandy beach. Once on land, the animal again tried to make a dash for the ocean.

Inman told the APP that the animal had to be physically chased off the beach.

As they say, the heart wants what the heart wants.

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