To everyone calling Microsoft's new computer an iMac: You're wrong

Microsoft surface studioMicrosoftThe Surface Studio.

It’s an obvious comparison: Microsoft’s new Surface Studio all-in-one PC is the company’s answer to Apple’s iMac.

But it’s wrong.

Yes, it’s also a big ol’ sharp screen attached to a base, but the Surface Studio is designed to do much more than let you type and point and click around.

While the iMac makes a great desktop for casual consumer, the Surface Studio is targeted more for pros who want to create. The entire screen folds down so you can work and draw on it, whether you’re composing music or drawing 3D models. Plus it has that clever Surface Dial, a unique physical scroll wheel (see below), for even more control over your work.

The Studio isn’t a computer. It’s an entirely new computing category, a sort of desktop-tablet hybrid that already has people excited. And it’s new proof that Microsoft, once derided as boring and out of touch, has become one of the most innovative companies in tech.

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