Microsoft Knocks $US100 Off Its Surface Pro Tablet

Microsoft knocked off $US100 from its top-of-the-line tablet, the Surface Pro, this weekend. The hybrid tablet/PC now
starts at $US899for the model with 128 GB of storage.

We first spotted the price drop on The Verge.

The news comes a few weeks after Microsoft cut the price of its cheaper Surface RT tablet, which competes with the iPad, from $US500 to $US350.

But that wasn’t the end of Microsoft’s recent Surface woes.

The company was forced to take a $US900 million writedown on the Surface RT due to unsold inventory. Later, it was revealed that Microsoft’s entire Surface business only generated $US853 million in revenue for the company. Compare that to the $US25 billion in revenue Apple brought in from its iPad business during the same period.

This could also be a sign that Microsoft is gearing up to launch a new generation of Surface tablets that run on Intel’s new “Haswell” processors. Those processors are very powerful and allow incredible battery life.

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