Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft's New Surface Pro Tablet

microsoft surface pro

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

Microsoft’s newest tablet, the Surface Pro launches this week for $899 and up.You can read the full review of the Surface Pro here, but you should also check out our tour of the device’s best features below. 

Here's what the Surface Pro looks like docked with the touch cover. There's a kickstand in the back so you can prop the device up, sort of like a normal laptop.

The Surface Pro runs Windows 8, the top-of-the-line operating system from Microsoft. It has a new Start screen with tiles for your apps and bookmarked websites. These tiles can display information like calendar appointments and new emails.

Windows 8 lets you run two apps in split screen, which is very handy for multitasking. The iPad can't do that.

Here's a look of the Surface Pro with the type cover. It's a bit thicker, but it's also easier to type on.

The Windows 8 app store is missing a lot of essential apps like Facebook and Twitter. But you'll still find other great apps.

Dropbox recently made a Windows 8 app. It's really nice.

Since there's no Facebook or Twitter, you can link those accounts to the People app in Windows 8. It's not as good as the real thing though.

The Surface Pro comes with a stylus for writing and doodling on the screen. However, you probably won't find much use for it.

There aren't too many Windows 8 apps that make use of the stylus. Here's Microsoft Office's One Note, a note-taking app.

The Surface Pro has a Micro SD card slot so you can add storage to the machine.

There's also a full-sized USB port for thumb drives and other accessories.

The top-of-the-line Surface Pro has 128 GB of storage. The entry-level model has 64 GB. However, you only get about 84 GB and 23 GB of free storage in each model, respectively. Windows 8 is a very large operating system.

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