Surefire Ways To Look Awesome On Klout

Klout Score

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Klout is a social media ranking system that gamifies the way we utilise Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.The system measures how your tweets and shares affect everyone else on the web.

I’m no expert on Klout, but within the past month and a half, my Klout Score went from a measly 29 to a modest 51.

While this is nothing to boast, boosting your Klout Score is easier than you think. There are natural ways to bump your score, then there are little cheats to get your ranking soaring ahead your friends’.

The Good Internet Citizen Method
The preferred way for Klout to measure your networking activities is for you to engage with the web as much as possible. This means you’ll need a steady herd of followers that will interact with you when you post something.

When sharing links, mentioning other Twitter users on your tweet counts as a level of engagement. If that person replies or retweets, the cycle continues to bump your engagement levels.

Klout also assumes your topics of expertise by finding common themes between your posts. This system can be rather flawed. For a while, I liked tweeting about the random, silly things my mum likes to do and Klout thought I was an expert on mums.

Twitter Interactions
April Fools tweets were a hit over the weekend.

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To help dumb ol’ Klout figure our your expertise, remember to add hashtags to your tweets so Klout can more easily identify the topic.

Remember to also check your Interactions on Twitter often. If someone mentioned you in a tweet, retweet it for extra Klout and remember to reply to keep the conversation going.

Avoid tweeting for the sake of content. Quality is king, not quantity. You only want tweets to which your followers will respond.

The same rule applies for Facebook and LinkedIn shares. A few posts a day that get the “Like” clicks or draw comments are better than 20 posts that go unseen.

Follow The Bandwagon
So you decide it doesn’t really matter what your expertise is, you just want a really impressive Klout score. No problem. Just start hopping on Twitter trending topics.

Trending topics change on the left side of the Twitter navigation almost hourly, and people are constantly clicking them to see which tweets fall under the category.

Chances are that if you’re good, tweeting random things under trending topics can get seen by many pairs of eyes, and increase your chance of getting, favourites, and retweets.

If something you like isn’t trending yet, you can also start your own viral hashtag. Start tweeting about a topic and get your followers to tweet with the same hashtag. Hopefully your degrees of connection begin to spread and it will all link back to your original post.

You’re Only As Good As The Friends You Keep
This may sound cruel, but if your friends suck on Twitter, it’s time to give them the boot.

Idle friends do nothing for your Klout Score since they lack interaction. If you find that your engagement level is rather steady but your score isn’t going up, you may want to give your friends list a spring cleaning.

The same goes for friends with awesome Klout Scores. You want only the best people as influencers, so follow those with great engagement levels.

Since they often interact with others, sending them questions are sure to get your replies, adding to both your engagement activities.

The Trolling Way

Klout Score
Here’s my editor Steve’s Klout profile. I guess he’s pretty knowledgeable about media.

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All games have cheats, and Klout is no exception.

If you want to be an expert in a topic but are not getting enough natural love from the web, just get friends to lend you a hand.

By visiting Klout on a regular basis, you earn +K that you can share with other Klout users.

You can have other Klout users “Add A Topic” and give you a ton of +K to make you the expert at it, or do the same for others.

When you give someone +K, you also have to option of sharing your action on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Make sure to do this so everyone can get in on the action.

Offer to return the favour for other desperate Klout users and you’re on your way to earning a fake Ph.D on any topic you want.

The Bottom Line
Thanks to all the ways you can fudge your Klout Score and expertise, you should be aware how Klout judges someone is not a perfect indication of his Internet persona.

But if Internet bragging rights are important to you, by all means do what it takes to boost past your friends’ Klout Scores.