Supreme Court Of California: Hare Krishnas Can Preach But Not Ask For Donations In LAX

hare krishna

In an unanimous ruling today, The Supreme Court of California said Hare Krishnas can’t ask for immediate donations in Los Angeles International Airport.

Hare Krishnas claimed that a city ordinance preventing people from soliciting loot at LAX violated the state’s freedom of speech clause.

But Justice Kennard wrote that the public areas of LAX “are similar to shopping malls and railway stations,” but that “time, place, and manner restrictions on expressive activities in public forums are valid,” and “activities…that interfere with the legitimate interests of the airport management, arriving or departing passengers…need not be tolerated.”

So Hare Krishnas can pray or preach or try to convince travellers to send in donations later, but they can’t solicit Salvation Army-style in LAX.

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