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The Supreme Court shocked the country minutes ago when justices voted 5-4 to uphold the heart of the controversial health care act.

  • You can read the full opinion here

Chief Justice John Roberts surprised everybody by siding with the liberals.

In the majority opinion, Roberts wrote that court precedent mandates Congress has the power to impose the individual mandate.

Anthony Kennedy, often considered the court’s wild card, dissented.

And his dissent was brutal. He said if he had his way, the entire law would have been invalidated.

We’re following all the updates as they come in. So far, some of the juiciest tidbits have been released but we still don’t have the full opinion.

And here’s the money quote: “Our precedent demonstrates that Congress had the power to impose the exaction in Section 5000A under the taxing power, and that Section 5000A need not be read to do more than impose a tax. This is sufficient to sustain it,” according to SCOTUSblog.

So basically they’re saying Congress is allowed to impose taxes.

We’ll get the ruling hopefully in a few minutes. But for now we now the mandate has been ruled constitutional and the Medicaid provision is limited but not invalidated.

The bottom line is the health care act is upheld but the government’s power to terminate states’ Medicaid funds is narrowly read, according to SCOTUSblog.

SCOTUSblog is reporting the chief justice has joined the left side of the court.

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