Supreme Court Hints It's About To Go Into Overtime

Justice John RobertsChief Justice John Roberts

Photo: AP

Are the justices enjoying toying with America’s emotions?The country held its breath Thursday as the Supreme Court issued its decisions for the day, only to find out no ruling about Obamacare or the controversial Arizona immigration law had been released.

Also notable was the fact that Chief Justice John Roberts didn’t designate Monday as the final day of the court’s session, the New York Times reported.

Normally, on the next-to-last day of the term, the chief justice will announce the following session will be the last. However, Monday is the last scheduled day to release decisions and Roberts made no such announcement.

Roberts’ silence has led the Times to speculate that the court plans to add at least one additional day next week to release decisions, meaning we might not get a health care opinion until Wednesday or Thursday next week.

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