The Supreme Court Will Hear Broadcasters' Case Against Streaming TV Service Aereo

Barry dillerAPIAC’s Barry Diller. He started Aereo.

The Supreme Court will hear a case against Aereo by several broadcasters.

Aereo is a service that streams television from over-the-air networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox to smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Broadcasters are upset at Aereo because they say the service beams content without permission. But Aereo says it has rights to do so because it buys an individual antenna for each of its customers. Aereo then beams the signal from each antenna over the Internet to subscribers.

Aereo costs $US8 per month to use and includes a virtual DVR that you can use to record shows and stream them later. It’s only available in a handful of cities right now, but its coverage is rapidly expanding.

The whole thing has caused a bit of a panic among networks. Some, like Fox, have threatened to stop broadcasting programming over the air for free if Aereo is allowed to continue.

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