A very fluffy cat with a grumpy face was just crowned ‘Supreme Cat,’ and the photos prove why

Dandy Lion is Supreme. Courtesy of Jade Louise Gore

Meet Dandy Lion, a 3-year-old Red Silver Tabby and White Persian cat who loves a slice of cheddar cheese and enjoys a good run in the garden. He is now known as the “Supreme Cat.”

Dandy Lion earned the title at the Supreme Cat Show – one of the largest cat competitions in Europe – hosted by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy in Birmingham, UK, this weekend.

His official title is UK Olympian Gold Imperial Grand Champion and Grand Premier Riascatz Dandy Lion, which can be abbreviated to UK OG, IGrCh & GrPr Riascatz Dandy Lion. Along with the lengthy title, Dandy Lion took home a bag of toys as his prize.

To take home the prestigious title, Dandy was judged on his fur, grooming, body proportions, and health. On the day of the event, he first won best of his breed, and then best of the neutered cats, and, ultimately, he beat out over 600 other felines of varying breeds for the “Supreme” title. His owner, Jade Louise Gore, said the accomplishment was a dream come true.

Dandy Lion
He has a lengthy title. Courtesy of Jade Louise Gore

“My heart was pounding out of my chest when he was on stage, and when he was chosen I was in floods of tears,” Gore told INSIDER. “I just could not believe my boy had done it. There were hundreds and hundreds of beautiful cats there on Saturday and my boy was the best. It still hasn’t sunk in. I still feel rather shell-shocked.”

Gore has had Dandy since he was 12 weeks old, and has been prepping him for competition since day one. She said Dandy needs to be groomed every day and bathed every two weeks to keep up his show-ready look.

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“He’s always playing in the dog’s water bowl and loves nothing more than playing in the garden and getting dirty,” Gore said. “He’s a very cheeky boy.”

Dandy Lion
Dandy loves to be messy. Courtesy of Jade Louise Gore

Despite Dandy’s “grumpy” face, Gore said “he’s a really happy boy, who loves his time in the spotlight. [He’s] a real diva.”

Although he is enjoying his new-found fame and a fancy title, she said his favourite playmate still is Gore’s 6-year-old son, Ray.

“Dandy is a show cat but a family pet first and foremost,” she told INSIDER.


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