'Supernatural's' Misha Collins is inspiring people around the world with a wacky scavenger hunt

Misha collins gishwhesGetty ImagesMisha Collins was inspired to create GISHWHES after participating in a scavenger hunt.

“Supernatural” star Misha Collins has been inspiring people all over the world with GISHWHES, or Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.

GISHWHES 2015 takes place from August 1-8 and today (Tuesday) is the last day to sign up.

Tens of thousands of people from more than 100 countries have participated in GISHWHES over the last few years.

Participants are tasked with earning points by performing challenges or “items” ranging from creative to off-the-wall item to random acts of kindness captured by video or photo. Participants can form their own teams or they will be organised in teams of 15.

Winners will be chosen from those who earned the most points, judged by completion of the item and how creatively or deeply one performed it.

Watch the video about GISHWHES below:

Here’s Business Insider’s exclusive peek at challenges described as “weird” from previous Gishwhes years:


Dirty grandparents

'I'm certain the elderly love mud wrestling, but they must do it in private because I never see it! Let's fix this. Catch your grandparents or great grandparents in a mud-wrestling match.' (2014)

Between chapters

'A storm trooper at a laundromat folding clothes.' (2013)

Jersey Shore'd

'Dress your grandfather (or a man over 75) like a teenage girl from Jersey Shore.' (2013)

Brain freeze

'GISHWHES has taken its toll this year. You deserve a break. Hit the hot tub with a couple of friends... wearing hats made of ice cream.' (2014)

Side of car

'Wear cheese and wear it well. You cannot be wearing anything but cheese. You may use any type of cheese you wish. Supermodel it posed next to or on a classic car.' (2012)

Dying for a doughnut

Suck blood from a doughnut. (2014)

Office crush

'Let's see a flattering mosaic of one of Misha's crushes: Dilma Rousseff, Michelle Obama or Sarah Palin, on the window of an office-supply store. The mosaic is made from multi-coloured Post-Its.' (2014)

Puppet rehab

'Elmo Gone Wrong. What would a Tickle­Me­Elmo look like if it had a serious crystal meth problem?' (2012)


'Create a 2 foot­high dinosaur out of sanitary napkins.' (2012)

Cleaning service

Erect a tribute to Horris Packard, the inventor of Rubber Gloves.

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