10 striking photos of the largest supermoon in nearly 70 years

Cristina Quicler/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Last night the largest full moon of the year, called the supermoon, shined its biggest and brightest in nearly 70 years.

Size is relative though. The November 14 supermoon was about 14% bigger and 30% brighter than its smallest apparent size, called a micromoon.

That’s because the moon’s 27-day, 7-hour, and 43-minute orbit around the Earth isn’t a perfect circle — it’s an ellipse. You get a closer point to Earth, or perigee, and a more distant point, or apogee.

The moon’s apogee this month is about 252,000 miles away, and on Monday its perigee was about 222,000 miles away.

Here’s what this apparent size change looks like over the course of the year:

It so happened on Monday that Earth, moon, and sun lined up in such a way to make the supermoon a little bit brighter and bigger than usual. As NASA explains, the next supermoon of this kind technically won’t happen until November 25, 2034.

Technicalities aside, though, photographers from around the world showed up to take some beautiful photos and videos of the supermoon.

Here are 10 of the best shots we have found.

Cape Town, South Africa

Photo: Rodger Bosch/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Delphi, Greece

Photo: Valerie Gache/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Bamburgh, United Kingdom

Photo: Ian Horrocks/ Getty Images.

Beirut, Lebanon

Joseph Eid/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Vienna, Austria

Joe Klamar/ AFP/ Getty Images.

The Gulf Emirate of Dubai

Karim Sahib/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Berlin, Germany

Photo: Michele Tantussi/ Getty Images.

Marseille, France

Photo: Boris Horvat/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Madrid, Spain

Gerard Julien/ AFP/ Getty Images.

NOW WATCH: A time-lapse of last night’s stunning supermoon

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