8 Of Superman's Most Iconic Suits All In One Place

Superman turned 75 this year.

In honour of the Man of Steel’s 75th anniversary, Warner Bros.’ is showcasing some of Supes ‘suits worn on the big screeen and the small one at New York Comic Con.

For any Superman fans, it’s cool to see so many iconic outfits standing together side by side.

Check them out below:

Here’s Christopher Reeve’s suit from “Superman”:

… And from “Superman III”:

Next up, Brandon Routh’s love-him-or-hate-him version of the superhero in “Superman Returns”:

Here’s a throwback to Dean Cain in “Lois & Clark” on ABC:

Not so much a suit, but here are the clothes Tom Wellington wore as the hero in “Smallville.”

Here’s how we see the Man of Steel today in Henry Cavill’s portrayal:

And here’s a nod to his suit from the home planet of Kryptonian:

Cavill’s normal clothes as Clark Kent in “Man of Steel” were also showcased:

Here are all of them:

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