Superintendent In Florida Shooting: Duke Had More Ammo And 'Was Not Going To Stop Shooting'

Shooting Press Conference Husfelt

Superintendent Bill Husfelt and other members of the Florida school board held a press conference today after the shooting that took place at their board meeting yesterday.

No one was injured during the shooting except the gunman, Clay Duke, who was shot by a security guard, Mike Jones, and ultimately fatally shot himself in the head when he was on the ground.

“I’m telling you, Mike saved our lives. It doesn’t get any more real than that,” said Husfelt.

“[The] Gunman had more ammunition, and he was going to keep going.”

The security guard was taken to the hospital after the incident, though he was not shot in the altercation.

Husfelt said he originally thought the gunman was complaining about expenditure on technology. “I didn’t know what was going on… and then when he turned around with the gun, it was totally different.”

CNN released disturbing footage of the incident last night.

Video of the press conference is below.

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