Here are the superfoods that people in Ikaria, Greece eat to live past 100

In Business Insider Films’s short documentary, “Ikaria: The Island Where People Live Forever,” we interviewed and captured the lifestyle amongst residents, elders and doctors on this remote isle to find out their secrets to living past 100.

One of the primary factors contributing to the island’s longevity is diet.  The most common foods are fresh vegetables often harvested from own their gardens and legumes. They eat meat sparingly, use olive oil abundantly and forage for herbs and greens seasonally. 

Ikaria has gained notoriety in the last few years after being named one of five ‘Blue Zones’ by Dan Buettner, a National Geographic Fellow, who identified areas around the world where people live exceptionally long lives.  

Here, he explains along with Chef Diane Kochilas, the common foods consumed on the island and how they contribute to longevity.   

“Ikaria: The Island Where People Live Forever” is available on iTunes and Amazon. 

Directed by Alana Kakoyiannis & David Hands. Edited by Andrew Stern.

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