These Wrecked Rare Supercars Will Bring A Tear To Any Eye

Supercar Crashes


As we’ve seen in the past, many times supercar owners actually have more money than talent when it comes to driving.High speeds coupled with inexperience and careless driving have led to innumerable accidents. Other times, the supercars decide that they would rather be on fire than driven by anyone, talented or not.

While many of these accidents occur in cars like Lamborghinis or Ferraris, some owners manage to damage incredibly rare rides.

Our friends at Wrecked Exotics have a database of supercars that have been involved in accidents, including some of the rarest in the world.

The Ascari KZ1 is an ultra-limited production car from England. It appears the engine in this one wasn't ready to be run at full throttle.

It is unclear if this DeLorean burned down while travelling 88 miles per hour or if Mr. Fusion suffered a total meltdown.

The Doonkervoort D8 is a Dutch evolution of the classic Lotus 7. This one crashed during a track day. Luckily the driver was ok.

Since the Lotus Elise is so low, it tends to end up underneath any car that it hits from behind.

It's also common for the Tesla Roadster, which is based on the Lotus Elise.

This Ford GT was on the losing end of a bad rear-end collision.

Maserati's Ferrari Enzo-based supercar, the MC12, is looking a little worse for wear here.

Here's a car we have never heard of or seen. This is a French Mega Track. It has a Mercedes V12 and a ride height that can adjust to go off road. Just not this far off road.

The Noble M12 is one of the greatest handling cars of all time. This owner may have gone a little too fast.

The TVR Sagaris is one of the wildest looking cars of the last decade. The owner of this Sagaris overstepped the handling limits.

German company Wiesmann designed the MF3 to look like a British roadster while having BMW M Power. This one was crashed undergoing testing.

The Aston Martin DB AR1 Zagato was a special edition of the DB7 Volante. Only 99 were built. It seems that there may only be 98 left.

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