SuperCalendar Could Be The Calendar Service We've All Been Waiting For

There seems to be a general consensus that Fantastical and Sunrise are the best calendar tools available today. 

But that could change as new “superhuman” service called SuperCalendar rolls out.

What sets SuperCalendar apart from the rest is its personal concierge service.

We first saw the news on TechCrunch.

SuperCalendar, which is sending out invites every Monday, syncs with Google Calendar and offers you a team of professional scheduling assistants. It intends to make all aspects of scheduling and rescheduling much easier by having someone else do it for you. 

SuperCalendar takes into account your preferences, location, and priorities to determine the optimal time for meetings. All it takes is a simple email to your assistant telling him or her what you need scheduled.  

The service costs $89 per month for unlimited scheduling. That’s a relatively steep price for a calendar service, but SuperCalendar claims that hiring your own full-time assistant could cost you $40,000 per year.

If you already have a handle on your weekly schedule and tasks, you might not be able to justify spending so much on it. But SuperCalendar could be a life-saver for those who lack organizational skills.

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