"Super Trawler" Fishing Vessels Could Be Back In Australian Waters After Their Ban Is Reviewed

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After being banned by Labor, “super trawler” factory ships could be back in Australian waters, with the Coalition preparing a scientific review of fish levels.

According to The Australian incoming parliamentary secretary for agriculture Richard Colbeck said the new government would review Labor’s decision to ban the mega ships, based on a scientific evidence.

He said it would try and organise new jack mackerel and red-bait surveys within a week of being sworn in.

According to The Australian’s report this, combined with the findings of an expert panel due to be released in October next year, would allow a decision on whether to lift the ban.

The Gillard government’s two-year ban on the mega-ships was criticised by the Coalition and the fishing industry as a knee-jerk reaction to populist opinion.

There is more here.

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