Chinatown Man Has Seen The Future, And It Involves This ‘Super Skyscraper’

Chinatown luminary San Yan Wong sees absolutely no downside to building a 128-floor “super skyscraper” just west of the Manhattan Bridge.

“Everyone is a winner!” Wong claims in a 113-page proposal posted on Curbed.

The proposed building would yield “more than 30 million dollars annually in real estate taxes” and “billions of dollars” in business taxes. Displaced tenants would received “beautiful apartments, as if they had just won first prize in a lottery.” Investors would have “ample opportunities to receive a steady profit.”

Indeed, this building represents the very future of American capitalism:

Today’s European-style capitalism or imperialism countries such as Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, United States,and Canada are declining in industrial production, trade, and fi nance. All of these countries were once rich powers. However, they are completely running out of money today. With a large deficit, it may be favourable to implement the concept of capitalism with American characteristics, bymaking certain changes in non-traditional capitalism to reform it- keeping the positive factors of capitalism and screen outthe negative elements.

The Sun Yat-sen centre will be a building of tremendous size that reflcts 20-first century thought. It will be a city in and of itself, with stores, offices, housing, a parking lot, a farm, an observation deck, schools, a centre for the elderly, a youth centre, as well as community and government offices. There will be a need for professionals and specialists, as well as manual laborers, and the poor will live alongside the wealthy in one harmonious community.

The purposed building would be shaped like a capital “H,” be  2,173 feet high, have an insane 15,000,000 square feet of living space, 130 functioning elevators, and parking for 3,000 cars.

The building would be divided by professional offices, a “Super Galactic Hotel,” community spaces. Inside of the purposed community space, there would be elderly care, a health spa, kindergarten, and conference rooms.

The top floor will encase the world’s highest revolving restaurant, a roof top greenhouse, and the world’s tallest observation deck.


zhongshan centre

[credit provider=”Zhongshan Report”]

zhongshan centre

[credit provider=”Zhongshan Report”]

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