Step Inside A Modern-Day Bucket Shop

Super rich 4

Decades ago, Wall Street was littered with so-called bucket shops, where amateur betters could bet against other junkies on financial markets.

Think of them as being like OTB parlors, except instead of betting on horses, you bet on stocks.

Sadly, they don’t exist in America anymore.

But they do in Thailand!

Welcome to Super Rich (real name!), the currency exchange chain that somehow morphed into a grey-market FX broker for local punters as well.

What’s crazy about Super Rich is that they have some of the best currency rates around, better than many larger banks, which makes one wonder how they do it.

We went to check out how it all happens, at least until being caught trying to photograph their exchange rates!

Check out this currency trading bucket shop –>

Super Rich has been around since 1965...

Which is believable given the store front.

Yet they have reserved parking...

And provide freshly mixed Nescafe for 50 cents.

Most importantly, they have a trader's lounge. This is new. Acting like a mini FX broker must be a new line of business.

Inside is a small room that looks like a cross between a bank and a take-out restaurant.

Many small time import/exporters use the shop to trade their cash flow.

See the glowing flat screen? That's where rates are posted. They are simply written on an excel spreadsheet.

Oops. When we tried to take a closer photo of the actual rates we were caught and told to leave.

We wonder why. Here's an example of their business card. The hotmail account instills confidence.

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