New Jersey's attorney general is reviewing how police handled an ex-superintendent who pooped near a school's track field Adams with his client, Thomas Tramaglini.
  • Thomas Tramaglini, the “super pooper” former school superintendent who defecated near a high school, asked the New Jersey state attorney general to investigate local police conduct in the case.
  • His attorney said that police should have never taken and released Tramaglini’s mugshot, which “ruined” his life.
  • The attorney general’s office said it’s reviewing the case.

New Jersey’s attorney general’s office is considering whether to investigate police conduct in a case over a former school superintendent – dubbed the “super pooper – who was fired after he was arrested for defecating near a high school,according to the Asbury Park Press.

An attorney for Thomas Tramaglini, the former superintendent, wrote a letter to state Attorney General Gurbir Grewal arguing that the Holmdel Police acted unlawfully by taking and releasing a mugshot of Tramaglini. Tramaglini was arrested for ordinance violations, which doesn’t usually merit the distribution of a mugshot, his attorney wrote in the letter seen by Fox News

Tramaglini’s lawyer said that the widespread media attention and ridicule Tramaglini suffered merited an investigation by the attorney general.

“The malicious and unlawful conduct by one or more representatives of the Holmdel Township Police Department achieved exactly what was apparently intended, and Dr. Tramaglini has sustained significant harm,” lawyer Matthew Adams, wrote, according to the Asbury Park Press. “Dr. Tramaglini’s life, effectively, has been ruined.”

Thomas Tramaglini poop superintendent schoolKenilworth Public SchoolsThomas Tramaglini, former superintendent of the Kenilworth School District in New Jersey.

The state attorney general’s office told the Asbury Park Press that it’s looking into the claims.

“As is done with all correspondence, the letter will be forwarded to appropriate persons for review,” a spokesperson said.

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Tramaglini is also suing the Holmdel police department for $US1 million “due to loss of income, harm to his reputation, emotional distress and invasion of privacy” related to the release of the mugshot.

Tramaglini pleaded guilty to charges of public defecation in October, paying a $US500 fine. Amid the charges, he resigned from his job as superintendent of the Kenilworth Board of Education.

In his guilty plea, Tramaglini said he defecated outside the school only once, and not “on a nearly daily basis,” as first reported. He said he needed to do it because of a medical condition.

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