Here's how Nintendo's first Super Mario game for iPhone works

Nintendo dropped a megaton at Apple’s September 2016 keynote event by announcing “Super Mario Run.” It marks the first official appearance by one of Nintendo’s flagship franchises on mobile devices.

But regular “Super Mario Bros.” games were never meant to be played on phones. Here’s how “Super Mario Run” changes up the formula for its new home:

'Super Mario Run' is a Mario game you can play with one hand.


In Mario's other games, players control both his movement and his jumping. This time around, Nintendo is doing us a solid and making Mario run from left to right on his own.

Mario will also vault over low obstacles and grab onto certain surfaces on his own. All you do is tap the screen to jump. The longer your tap, the higher the jump. Simple!

Nintendo is really emphasising that you can play 'Super Mario Run' with one hand. Finally, you can play a Mario game and drink your morning coffee at the same time.

There's a traditional single-player mode as well as a multiplayer mode called 'Toad Rally.'


You'll be able to run and jump your way through a cavalcade of levels in single-player like you would with any other Mario game. One difference, however, is Toad Rally, a new multiplayer mode just for 'Super Mario Run.'

In Toad Rally, you choose a high score set by one of your friends and try to beat it by performing stylish moves as you make your way through the stage. You aren't directly competing with them in real-time, just trying to beat their ghost.

There's also a third mode that lets you create your own kingdom.

Apple / Nintendo

You will collect coins in both the single and multiplayer modes of 'Super Mario Run' that you can use in a third mode. This mode lets you create your own Mushroom Kingdom, but we don't know what that means yet.

Will you create levels, a la 'Super Mario Maker'? Will you customise a little kingdom, more like 'Animal Crossing'? That's not certain yet. Either option sounds great, though!

Best of all, it doesn't have the same pricing structure as other phone games.


Most mobile games are free, but ask you to pay money in order to get more items or upgrades. Thankfully, 'Super Mario Run' doesn't work that way at all.

You can download a portion of the game for free, but if you want to unlock every level and every feature, you pay a set price and that's it. Nintendo hasn't confirmed what this price will be yet, unfortunately.

The game will launch on mobile devices later this year, but the date hasn't been announced yet.

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