The first major 'Super Mario' game for Nintendo's Switch arrives on October 27

Nintendo’s first major “Super Mario” game for the Nintendo Switch just got a release date: The game arrives on October 27.

It’s called “Super Mario Odyssey,” and it’s a new 3D Mario game along the lines of “Super Mario 64” and “Super Mario Galaxy.” It looks outrageous.

The game puts Mario in control of a top hat-shaped air ship, a means of conveying him from world to world. What you see above is a food-based area (that’s a radish Mario’s carrying), but it’s just the first of several levels Nintendo’s shown of the game previously.

One of the most bizarre worlds is named “New Donk City” — a reference to the Donkey Kong theme running through everything. It’s a floating island that’s at once a slice of 1930s New York City and a bizarre Nintendo world.

Super Mario OdysseyNintendoFew things are more bizarre than seeing Super Mario next to a humanoid character.

Nintendo announced the release date during a livestream on Tuesday morning, part of the company’s presence at the annual E3 video game trade show in Los Angeles, California. Beyond just offering the date, Nintendo published a crazy new trailer.

Yes, that is Mario as a dinosaur! Here’s the full trailer:

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