The Super Bowl's 'Woo Guy' earned the hatred of fans everywhere

Last year’s Super Bowl had “Left Shark,” but this year’s Super Bowl has “Woo Guy.”

As Super Bowl 50 aired Sunday night, fans took to social media to air their grievances with one person in particular: “Woo Guy.” This football fan spawned a Twitter hashtag (#wooguy) and tons of complaints for “woo-ing” throughout the game, which ended up on CBS’s audio.

You can hear a bit of his woo below:

Not even the halftime show featuring Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars could top his overbearing and constant woo-ing.

Though some were impressed with his ability to stay consistent.

Whatever team the “Woo Guy” was rooting for or wherever he may now be, at least he knows he earned the hatred of fans everywhere. 


And even Seth MacFarlane tweeted his frustration.


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