Here Are This Week's Winners And Losers In Sports

maria menounos

Photo: Screenshot from EXTRA

We spent most of the week slowly recovering from another classic Giants-Pats Super Bowl.Tom Brady’s supermodel wife blasted his teammates. The Patriots’ most notorious player got his dancing shoes on after losing the Super Bowl. And one TV personality lost a bet and had to wear a bikini in Times Square.

Outside of football, the sports world was dominated by the NBA’s newest, most pun-friendly star.

WINNER: Maria Menounos

Maria is a HUGE Pats fan. She bet one of her EXTRA colleagues that the Pats would win, and lost.

So Maria stuck to her bet and wore a bikini in Times Square.

WINNER: Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin. If you don't know who he is, you've really been detached from the sports world this week.

Lin has started in the Knicks past three games and is averaging 25 points. Not bad.

WINNER: Austin Rivers

River sank a buzzer beater to win against his biggest rival: UNC.

WINNER: The Jets

Yes, we know they didn't even go to the playoffs.

But the Jets showed some great sportsmanship when they took out a full page ad in the New York Daily News congratulating the Giants.

WINNER: Rob Gronkowski

Gronk and his Patriots lost the super bowl, but he didn't let it bring him down.

Instead of sulking and crying, Gronk went out and had a good time and celebrated a great Pats season.

And he didn't feel the need to apologise when he was criticised this week.

LOSER: Gisele

Tom Brady's wife ripped the Patriots receiving corp after they dropped the Super Bowl.

Bad move, now she's getting hammered by Boston fans in New England.

LOSER: Brandon Jacobs

Jacobs told Gisele to 'stay cute and shut up.'

Gisele may have stepped over the line with her comments, but misogyny is not the answer, Brandon.

LOSER: Wes Welker

Welker dropped the pass that could (should?) have won the Super Bowl for the Patriots.

Yeah, Brady probably could have made a better pass. But Welker always catches that ball, and now he's the game's biggest goat.

LOSER: Kris Humphries

The Hump can't seem to stay away from the bright lights of reality stardom.

Now he wants to have TMZ and other stations broadcast his divorce hearing in order to 'expose the M.O. of reality TV.'

Come on now.

LOSER: The girl who cheered for Mark Sanchez at the Giants Super Bowl parade

And her follow-up interview didn't do her any favours either.

Get hype for next week, when the swimsuit issue comes out

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