The First Official Forecasts For The Super Bowl Are Surprisingly Mild

We are now less than a week from the Super Bowl which many meteorologists believe is the maximum time allowed for producing a weather forecast with any confidence.

While the weather for the game will be cold no matter what happens in the next week, the early indications are that the game will actually be surprisingly mild, which is in stark contrast to what was being predicted last week.

Here is a selection of the Sunday forecasts for East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The Weather Channel says the high for Sunday will be 38 degrees with a low of 24 degrees. There is a 20% chance of precipitation and winds will be 5-7 miles per hour.

Accuweather paints a similar picture with a high of 36 degrees and a low of 23 degrees. There is a 30% chance of precipitation. Accuweather is also calling for mild winds of 6-8 mph with gusts reaching 13 mph. Only one of their four weather experts is predicting snow for Sunday.

Wunderground gives a temperature range for Sunday of 24-37 degrees with a 20% chance of precipitation and 6-10 mph winds.

NBC New York:

NBC New York forecasts a high of 38 degrees and a low of 24 degrees for East Rutherford on Sunday. There is a 20% chance of precipitation and 8 mph winds.

CBS New York:

CBS New York says temperatures will range from 21-39 degrees and will be cloudy. They do not offer a chance of precipitation yet.

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