THE TRUTH ABOUT SUPER BOWL WEEKEND: Our Bags Are Missing, And People Won't Stop Telling Us To 'Have A Super Day'

super bowl greeter at indianapolis airport

Photo: Tony Manfred/Business Insider

It’s 1:30 p.m. in Indianapolis, and we’ve been sitting in the airport for two hours waiting for our long, lost bag.Like thousands of people, we flew from the East Coast to Indianapolis this morning so we could have a full dose of Super Bowl weekend.

So what’s it like to skip work on a Friday and fly to Super Bowl central?

For one thing, you’re not going to avoid the annoyances inherent to air travel.

But on the other hand, our general giddiness mixed with a strong helping of Midwestern hospitality made the trip a big success.

3:30 wake up calls are way better when you're going to the Super Bowl. Woot! We're excited already

To LaGuardia we go. Looks like it'll be a lonely ride from Hoboken to Queens

Super lonely

Wait what? American Airlines is only offering one flight to Indianapolis on the Friday before the Super Bowl. We'll be flying to Chicago, and then Indy

At least American Airlines splurged for New York City's finest Giants decorative balloons

We only had to wait on the runway on our flight to Chicago for 20 minutes! A victory

Here's our plane from Chicago to Indy. It's one of those little regional ones that feels like a rollercoaster

You know what works great with bumpy flights on small planes? Scorching hot coffee

Hooray! We land in Indy, step through the balloon arch, and officially enter Super Bowl weekend

Our first greeter tell us to 'have a SUPER day'

These people are actually really helpful, they gave us all sorts of travel guides to find our way around the city. You know what? We WILL have a super day

(Swagged out moving sidewalk)

While we wait for our luggage at the baggage claim, a guy is handing out free Doritos and Pepsi Max

But then, the dreaded empty baggage claim. Our checked bag is M.I.A.

The worst place on Earth. Our bag is currently on a flight that's supposed to land TWO HOURS after we landed. Looks like we're chilling in the airport for a while

Oh, a handy sign directing us to the food-rich Concourse A...

... ugh

Two hours later, it lives!

We'll be in Indy all weekend, posting like mad

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