Here's A Look At Super Bowl Ticket Prices Through The Years

You can’t get a ticket to this year’s Super Bowl for less than $2,000 anywhere right now, but it wasn’t always like this.  Face value tickets soared up to $1,200 for Super Bowl XLV, but as recently as 2004 they were selling for less than $200.

That’s not saying the Average Joe would have had an easy time getting Super Bowl tickets that cheap, he still would likely have had to buy them through a secondary market.  But the ridiculous prices you see on StubHub today are a relatively new trend that’s coincided with the explosion of the NFL.

Here’s a look at the prices of face value Super Bowl tickets through the years:

super bowl ticket charts

*Data from The Dallas Morning News and Sports Business Daily.

**A few years offered more than one price, we used the highest.

***Inflation prices calculated using the CPI Inflation Calculator from the Bureau of labour Statistics.

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