Here Are The Results For All The Crazy Super Bowl Prop Bets

Even if you don’t gamble, one of the more interesting aspects of the Super Bowl are all the crazy prop bets people can make on the game, from the result of the coin toss, to the length of the national anthem, and the number of passing yards for Peyton Manning.

Here is a selection of some of the more interesting prop bets and the results. You can see a more complete list at CBS Philly.

National anthem, over/under 2:30: UNDER (1:53)

Knowshon Moreno will cry during the National Anthem, 4/1: HE DID NOT CRY

Peyton Manning says “Omaha,” over/under 27.5: UNDER

Bruno Mars will not be wearing a hat the start of his halftime show, 2/1: YES

At least one member of Red Hot Chilli Peppers will be shirtless during halftime show, 1/1: Yes

The Gatorade dumped on the winning coach will be orange, 3/1: YES

The Seahawks will win by 31-36 points, 40/1: SEATTLE WON BY 35 POINTS

The longest touchdown of the game, over/under 42.5 yards: OVER (Percy Harvin 87-yard kickoff return touchdown)

Total touchdowns in the game, over/under 5.5: OVER (There were 6 touchdowns in the game)

The first score of the game will be a Seattle safety, 40/1: YES

Peyton Manning will have an interception returned for a touchdown, 4/1: YES

Richard Sherman will intercept a pass, 2/1: NO

Russell Wilson passing yards, over/under 199.5 yards: OVER (206 yards)

Peyton Manning passing yards, over/under 290.5 yards: UNDER (280 yards)

Peyton Manning touchdown passes, over/under 2.5: UNDER (1)

Marshawn Lynch will score the first touchdown of the game, 5/1: YES

Malcolm Smith will win the MVP award (he was not one of the 23 players with specific odds. Rather, he was considered part of “the field”), 22/1: YES

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