26 Awesome Photos From The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl was not the super game that many were predicting as the Seahawks won their first championship in a blowout.

The game still produced some amazing photos, including brightly coloured super fans, touching family moments after the game, and a distraught Peyton Manning.

Here are our favourites photos of the game from Getty Images, AP, and Reuters.

Before the game, John Elway was walking with a lot of swagger.

Even unicorns get thirsty.

This may have been the brightest Super Bowl in history in terms of team colours.

Michael Strahan and Joe Namath showed off their Super Bowl rings.

Both team's super fans were ready before the game.

If Mr. T was a Seahawks fan, he'd look like this guy.

The first play of the game was a sign of things to come as the snap sailed past Peyton Manning.

Britton Colquitt of the Denver Broncos took a moment to shakes hands with cornerback Richard Sherman

Knowshon Moreno experienced first-hand just how tough the Seahawks defence can be.

After a Marshawn Lynch touchdown, stadium workers had to pick up Skittles thrown by Seahawks fans.

This was the craziest hair at the Super Bowl.

Percy Harvin looks at the jumbotron for Broncos players chasing him.

It was just one of those nights.

The young Broncos fan did not take the game well.

After the game, Pete Carroll received the customary Gatorade shower.

And Peyton Manning looked like he was going to be sick.

Breno Giacomini celebrated after the game with his daughter.

Bruce Irvin held his child after the win.

Pete Carroll laughs after the game. It is not clear what Seahawks general manager John Schneider is doing, but it looks awful.

Clint Gresham, Seattle's long-snapper, celebrates in the confetti.

Pete Carroll takes in the win under the falling confetti.

Peyton Manning appeared trapped in a sea of reporters and photographers.

And there was this fan wandering the field.

Breno Giacomini celebrated with fans and the Seahawks mascot.

The Seahawks mascot later did a confetti angel.

And Peyton Manning still seemed to be struggling when he spoke with the media after the game.

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