Here's What You Can Expect From O'Reilly's Live Super Bowl Interview With Obama

O'Reilly Obama

Appearing as a guest on his own show, Bill O’Reilly spoke on the phone to guest host Laura Ingraham about how he planned to approach his live 15 minute interview with President Obama this coming Sunday.

First of all, he is not going to let the President get away with “the classic Obama filibuster”, aka taking a long time to answer questions so that he can avoid follow ups.

O’Reilly, who interviewed Obama during the 2008 campaign, said he had dealt with that last time, but it will be harder now that he is a President and not a senator.

“I’m hoping that Mr. Obama will understand it’s more of a conversation that an interview. He knows my style. He knows me. So, you know, I hope I don’t have to… interrupt him but if I do, I will.”

He is also going to ask questions that are “simple” and “punchy” because of the time issue.

“You know, you can’t ask broad questions in a 15-minute interview. They have got to be very specific. And, I mean, you know, you just can’t ask macroeconomic questions. That’s insane… I mean, I can’t get into these big wide arc issues in that period of time.”

The interview will also be “provocative” and he is “going to ask questions that have not been asked.”

And just in case you don’t think O’Reilly was hyping this interview too much already, here is completely serious answer to Ingraham’s seemingly tongue-in-cheek question:

Ingraham: “Is this going to be the most watched interview of all time in the history of mankind in the entire world, period? Done?”

“It will be. There is no question it will be. That’s not because of me or President Obama. It’s because of the internet. Everybody in the world will have access to this interview almost instantaneously. And I believe it will be the most watched interview of all time.” 

Video below

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