This Just In: Las Vegas Makes A Killing On Super Bowl Betting

Las Vegas

Shutdown Corner has a good look at just how well Las Vegas does on Super Bowl bets (via data from the Nevada Gaming Control Board).

Vegas has made huge profits on every Super Bowl this decade, except for the shocking upset by the New York Giants over the New England Patriots in 2008.

That year, Vegas lost nearly $2.6 million, but the house gained more than that in eight of the nine other Super Bowls since 2000. 

More money was gambled on Pittsburgh’s 21-10 victory over Seattle in 2006 than in any other game this decade, but Vegas made the most on the Patriots’ 24-21 victory over the Eagles in 2005.  That year, Vegas took in nearly $91 million in wagers and kept almost $15.5 million in winnings.

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