The Best And Worst Dressed People At The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl has taken on some qualities of an awards show.

Celebrities appear on a red carpet pregame show, and players whip out outlandish postgame looks.

Some people stepped up their fashion game (Peyton Manning, for one), while others misfired (Erin Andrews, shockingly).

BEST: Renee Fleming's shawl was on point.

WORST: Erin Andrews' turtleneck was pretty bland.

BEST: Joe Namath owned a fur coat.

WORST: Wes Welker's plaid jacket was too much.

BEST: Peyton Manning looked sharp.

WORST: Eric Decker tried that shaggy look with a bow tie.

BEST: Gabby Douglas had her sneaker game on point.

WORST: Queen Latifah's turtleneck.

BEST: Bruno Mars' band.

WORST: The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

BEST: Richard Sherman's reflective sunglasses.

WORST: Marshawn Lynch's red sweatsuit was very 2002.

BEST: Bruce Irvin's baby had a custom jersey.

WORST: The 9/11 truther was wearing a loud jacket.

BEST: John Elway rocked a pink tie.

The life of one of Sunday's best dressed

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