Everyone Watching The Super Bowl Went To The Bathroom At The Same Time


  This content series is sponsored by Best Buy.Technology evolves fast. Now you can keep up. Future-proof your technology with the Buy Back Program! Pat’s Papers, the blog run by NY1 news anchor Pat Kiernan, has published a chart of water usage during the Super Bowl, that shows how when an entire populace is riveted to a major sporting event, everyone ends up going to the bathroom at the same time.

The data comes from the water company in Palm Beach County, Florida. They tracked minute-by-minute usage of water consumption and were able to peg huge spikes to key moments in the game, like halftime and commercial breaks. (The red line charts an average Sunday Night.)

Super Bowl water charts

[credit provider=”Pat’s Papers” url=”http://www.patspapers.com/blog/item/everybody_flush_at_once_the_super_bowl_water_use_consumption_NFL_pee/”]

The close second half apparently kept people glued to their seat.

Pat’s Papers published a similar chart last winter that showed water usage in Edmonton during Canada’s Gold Medal hockey win at the 2010 Olympics. Our neighbours to the North were much more in sync with their bathroom trips.

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