Super Bowl 51: Here is who the experts are picking to win the big game

We are now in the home stretch as we approach Super Bowl LI and the experts have all spoken.

The New England Patriots enter the game as a 3-point favourite over the Atlanta Falcons, exactly where the line opened two weeks ago.

According to, the moneyline on the Patriots ranges from -144 to -160 (the amount you would have to bet to win $100). The moneyline on the Falcons ranges from +125 to +140 (the amount you would win if you bet $100).

The over/under for the game opened at 57 (total points that will be scored in the game). It now ranges from 58 to 59.5, depending on the sportsbook. That is the highest over/under in Super Bowl history.

Here is how the experts see the game playing out:

ESPN — 72 picked the Patriots, 28 picked the Falcons — 8 picked the Patriots, 4 picked the Falcons — 14 picked the Patriots, 8 picked the Falcons

CBS Sports — 5 picked the Falcons, 3 picked the Patriots

USA Today — 4 picked the Patriots, 2 picked the Falcons

Sporting News — 2 picked the Patriots, 0 picked the Falcons

Bleacher Report — 6 picked the Patriots, 5 picked the Falcons — 5 picked the Falcons, 4 picked the Patriots

Overall, 66.5% (113 out of 170) picked the Patriots to win Super Bowl LI.

Overall, 142 experts picked the final score. Here are some notes on those picks:

  • Of the experts who picked the Patriots and also picked the final score, the average score was 31.3-25.8
  • Of the experts who picked the Falcons and also picked the final score, the average score was 31.2-26.4
  • Ignoring the winner, the average score among all picks was 31.2-25.9, with 57.2 total points on average.
  • 105 of the experts picked the winner to score in the 30s, 35 experts had the winner scoring in the 20s, and 2 experts had the winner scoring fewer than 20 points.
  • The points for the winning team ranged from 14-38. The points for the losing team ranged from 10 to 35.
  • Even though no expert had a team scoring 40+ points, 20 experts had both teams scoring at least 30.

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