Super-Agent Ari Emanuel Lashes Out at Ben Silverman

Slate writes: They may have hugged it out, bitch, but that doesn’t mean that Ben Silverman and Ari Emanuel have made peace.

Silverman has a reputation for being a flamboyant guy who likes a good party. Those invited to his late-night upfront soiree earlier this month at the Empire Hotel were greeted by bikini-clad models. (That might not quite compare to the tiger at his Emmy party a few months back, but still.) In January, he was living it up at the Super Bowl in the box of the Giants’ owners—effusively praising fellow guest Michael Bloomberg and suggesting that the mayor would make an awesome subject for a reality show.

But it hasn’t all been good times. In recent months, Silverman has clashed with high-profile agent Ari Emanuel, famous not only for his own outrageous persona but for being the inspiration for Ari Gold of Entourage. Read more from Slate.

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