Suntech Employees Went On Strike?

Is there unrest amongst the employees at Chinese solar powerhouse Suntech?

According to reports on a Chinese website Suntech employees went on strike between January 10th and 12th and did not return to work until January 17th.

A Suntech rep disputes this claim, telling us that “On January 10, approximately 200 employees, or less than 3% of [our] work force…undertook limited work stopages and had low productivity for 3 days.” The stoppage was in response to revisions in the bonus system and as well as encouraged additional days off, both meant to be cost cutting measures. Managers will receive no annual bonuses for 2008. The company fired 10% of its staff on January 12th.

The rep says that the issues with employees were addressed and they are now back to working at full capacity.

In good news for the company, on Monday it announced a deal to provide 5 MW of solar cells for a 10 MW solar electricity system in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi. Its rival First Solar is providing the other 5 MW.

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