Sunswift Now Has Enough Crowdfunding To Get Road Registration For Its Solar Record Beating Car

Image: UNSW

Sunswift, the University of NSW’s record beating solar racing team, has raised enough via a crowd-funding campaign to rebuild its entry car for Australian road registration.

The vehicle recently smashed a 26-year-old world record for the fastest electric car over a distance of 500 kms.

The engineering students at Sunswift have hit their target of $30,000 in just 10 days on crowdfunding site Pozible.

Student Rob Ireland, who is also Sunswift’s chief business officer, says he learned of the achievement after checking his phone following a shift working behind a bar.

Sunswift, staffed entirely by undergraduate students, launched its Pozible campaign on December 1 to get enough money to rebuild the car for Australian road registration.

The team’s long-term goal is to bring solar-electric cars within reach of the average driver. Road registration for the current vehicle, eVe, is considered the logical next step to achieve that vision.

The team believes the car could be on Australian roads as early as March 2015.

“When we’re closer to getting the car road-legal it’s going to really hit home just how commercially viable these cars can be,” Ireland says.

“Road registration is really going to have an impact on people’s perceptions of solar-electric cars.”

Smith thanked all the supporters of the crowd-funding campaign to date.”

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