This Is The Free Calendar App That Everyone's Going Nuts For


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There’s no shortage of alternative calendar apps for your iPhone.They run the gamut from free to pricey and clunky to elegant.

But a new calendar app, Sunrise, combines the best of these – it’s free, but it’s also easy to use, combining with your Facebook and Google calendars, while looking flashy at the same time.

Check it out in the App Store.

Here’s how it works.

Tap the app the start it up

Pair it with your Facebook account to automatically sync your friends' birthdays and Facebook events

Tap OK to give the app permission to access Facebook

If you want to sync with your Google Calendar as well, tap on Connect

Log in with your Google credentials

Give it permission to access your Google data

It will import all of your appointments and events

Just like that, your Facebook and Google calendars are synced up

With a quick glance around, we can see that our Facebook friends' birthdays are here

Tapping on a day reveals its agenda

Creating a new event is as easy as tapping the plus sign in the top-right corner and filling in its details here

We've created a test event and will now change the time and date it takes place

Tap any date you want to set it on that day, then select the time the event takes place

Tap on Location to enter where the event is

Select one that appears from the list

When you're all done, tap Add

Your event is officially saved in your calendar

Navigate to the date of the event and it appears in the itinerary below

Tap on it to reveal a more detail-oriented view

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