Sun Valley's Media Mogul Fest, Live On Twitter

barry diller bike tbi

Media’s moguls are huddled in Sun Valley, Idaho, this week, for the annual Allen & Co. confab.

The quickest way to follow the event from afar is via Twitter; we’ve embedded a feed below.

Or, for some of the best coverage, via DealBook‘s handy widget, check out: The FT‘s Ken Li, Reuters’ MediaFile account, the LA TimesJoe Flint, or the WSJ‘s Julia Angwin. Let us know in comments if you see anything spectacular.

Last year, Murdoch lost his wedding ring. The year before, Diller rode a bike. (Again! The AP actually has photos of Diller on a bike from Sun Valley ’06 and ’05, too.)

What’s going to happen this year?

(Disclosure: Allen & Co. is an investor in The Business Insider.)

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