Sun Valley News: Sony/Google Deal, Bloomberg Hates Time Warner Cable, And More...

Media reporters lucky enough to be in Sun Valley this week have been sending back tidbits of information. We’ve compiled and analysed them and added speculation:

Mysterious Google / Sony Deal (Reuters’ MediaFile):

[Sergey] Brin then realises that standing next to him is Sony Executive Deputy President Katsumi Ihara. Ihara to Brin: “We called you last year about something and we never heard from you!” Brin to Ihara: “I have something for your TVs.” Out of nowhere, Sony CFO Rob Wiesenthal jumps in to rescue Ihara. Fun’s over.

That whole “we called you last year about something” bit sounds vague…but seems like something might be in the works between Sony and Google (Google on TV?).

Mayor Bloomberg unhappy with his Time Warner or Cablevision cable service (Reuters’ MediaFile):

While I was chatting up Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg jumped in: “If he offered cable service in New York City, I’d switch in a second!”

It’s a good thing none of the TWC or Cablevision execs were around to hear him say that…Might want to steer clear of Dick Parsons, though.

Harvey Weinstein, Sony, and Wall Street brainstorm about future film financings and game/music crossover deals? (Dealbook):

Another table included Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood producer, Richard Perry of Perry Capital and Robert Wiesenthal, Sony‘s chief financial officer.

Perry Capital was instrumental in raising money for the Weinsteins when they ditched Disney and launched their eponymous company. And raising money for a movie studio is what the Sony-owned MGM is working on right now. Or maybe Harvey was just hitting Richard up for some more money (which he apparently needs), and former i-banker Weisenthal was helping him negotiate. One thing’s for sure, those hedge funds unwilling to finance movies who weren’t invited this year don’t include Perry Capital.

And that Freudian slip, courtesy of Fishbowl LA special correspondent, Dan Cox:

[Universal’s Ron] Meyer gave kudos to colleague Jeff Katzenberg, the DreamWorks partner who had a presentation on 3-D this morning.

Whoa…They’re not “colleagues” yet…Do you know something we don’t

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