An airline stranded dozens of passengers in Mexico after deciding not to send a plane to pick them up

A Sun Country Boeing 737-800. Flickr/redlegsfan21
  • Sun Country Airlines left dozens of passengers stranded in Mexico over the weekend.
  • A blizzard at the airline’s home base in Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport forced Sun Country to cancel dozens of flights.
  • Including the last of its seasonal flights to Mexico, stranding the passengers.
  • The airline has offered passenger a full refund of their round-trip airfare.

Sun Country Airlines is telling dozens of angry passengers to find their own way home from Mexico. The passengers became stranded after a weekend blizzard dumped more than a foot of snow on Minneapolis- St. Paul International Airport, forcing airlines, Sun Country included, to cancel hundreds of flights.

Unfortunately, Sun Country’s service to Los Cabos and Mazatlan is seasonal in nature and the canceled flights were last ones of the season. As a result, the airline did not have additional flights on which it could accommodate the stranded passengers.

Instead, Sun Country offered its passengers a full refund of their roundtrip airfare and asked them to find their own flights own.

In addition, the stranded travellers complained about the airline’s overburdened customer service lines which did not function properly.

In an email to employees obtained by Business Insider, Sun Country CEO Jude Bricker explained that his airline did not have any spare planes sitting around which means sending a rescue flight would have required the cancellation of another flight, thereby stranding more passengers.

In addition, Bricker said that his airline does not have any interline agreements in place that would have allowed them to book passengers on another airliner.

However, the Sun Country CEO did express regret with the way things were handled.

“With hindsight, we should have flown a rescue flight to Mazatalan as service options are limited, Bricker said.

“Los Cabos has more service options and we felt the best option for those customers was giving them a full roundtrip refund on their Sun Country flight to make alternative arrangements as quickly as possible.”

“Either way, for these routes we should have been reachable and covered their transportation costs if we didn’t fly them home,” he added.