Sumner Chronicles: New Heir Apparent Philippe Dauman (Look Out, Philippe!)

Now that Sumner Redstone has thrown both son Brent and daughter Shari over the side–along with Tom Freston, Mel Karmazin, Frank Biondi, and other veterans more than qualified to take over his companies–the Post theorizes that the new heir apparent is none other than Philippe Dauman, Redstone’s personal attorney (and Viacom’s titular chief).  This insight, not surprisingly, leads to another one, which is that Dauman had better start watching his back, on the theory that the nervous Redstone will soon panic and boot him, too. 

The back-watching is good advice, though in matters Redstone it’s not clear if it will do any good.  Redstone’s reaction to the Post theory, meanwhile, confirms that Dauman is (temporarily) next in line for the Redstone throne:

“It is absurd to think I will turn on Philippe Dauman,” Redstone wrote in a statement to The Post. “Philippe is one of the wisest and most capable business men I ever met. I’ve always admired him, and I will admire him to the end.”

(I will admire him, that is, until the bastard starts thinking he can one day be me, at which point the NYPD will find his carcass in the East River.)

Enjoy the honeymoon, Philippe!   Peter Lauria, NY Post

Philippe Dauman to run this company?  Are you kidding me?

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