Summly's 17-Year-Old Founder Has A Girlfriend, And Here's What She Thinks Of His $30 Million Acquisition

Nick D’Aloisio via TwitterNick D’Aloisio, founder of SummlyIt’s a great week to be Nick D’Aloisio, the high school wunderkind who just sold his startup Summly to Yahoo for $30 million.

Like most high school students, he still lives at home, has a curfew and gets nagged to clean his room. He tells NY Post he’ll be commuting from his parents’ house to his first-ever job in two weeks when he begins at Yahoo.

D’Aloisio also has a girlfriend. What does she think of the acquisition?

She is “very excited,” D’Aloisio tells NY Post.

Understandably so.

The pair have been dating for 10 months. D’Aloisio says spending time with her is a favourite pastime, along with playing sports and designing things. 

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