A Photographer Shows What Summer Is Like In The American South

summer in the south

Nashville-based photographer Tammy Mercure has been photographing life in the southeastern U.S. since 2008.

Her pictures, which show everything from beauty pageants to NASCAR races with 160,000 attendees, give a snapshot of what life is like in the American South.

The series, titled “Cavaliers,” has been featured in The Daily Mail and NPR, and garnered Mercure the title of one of Oxford American’s 100 New Superstars of Southern Art in the Visual South.

Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri are just a few of the states she has visited to chronicle the culture and spirit of the amazing people who live there.

Mercure’s images prove there really is no place on earth quite like the South.

A man with a flaming torch helps a woman light her cigarette in East Dublin, Georgia.

This guy chills on the back of a truck after dirt-biking in Virginia.

A man gets his hair fashionably braided in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

A biker shows off his prize ride (with decorations) at a biker rally on Mother's Day in Tennessee.

This racer speeds through the mud in Tennessee as a crowd looks on.

This Kentucky gentleman has some seriously smooth moves in Cave City.

A young boy rocks a hamburger shirt at a fair in Alexandria, Tennessee.

Don't tell me you're not jealous of this guy who's living the life in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

This cowboy looks at the camera at a rodeo in Gallatin, Tennessee.

Straight chilling in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

This Tennessee couple hang out together in a Nashville park.

The winner of a girls' beauty pageant wears a crown as big as her body in Bristol, VA.

A kid proudly wears two confederate flags behind his ears in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

This Nashville girl perched herself high up in a tree just for fun.

A man and woman do-si-do in Nashville.

A guy holds a baby in Alexandria, Tennessee.

And the sun sets behind this drag racing scene in Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

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