More bosses are giving up on employees getting anything done on Fridays this summer

Feel like everyone but you gets to leave work early on Fridays this time of year? You may be on to something.

Despite reports that the glory days of summer Fridays are over, it seems they’re actually here to stay.

As Bloomberg reports, almost half — 42% — of the more than 200 US employers that management intelligence company CEB surveyed say they’re letting their employees take off early on Fridays this summer.

That’s double the amount of bosses that said the same thing two summers ago. And almost quadruple the amount of bosses that said they offered summer Fridays in 2012.

Brian Kropp, an HR practice leader at CEB, tells Bloomberg that employees tend to leave earlier on Fridays this time of year, Summer Friday policy or not. As Bloomberg notes, electricity consumption in New York City dips around 4 p.m. by as much by 4% in the summer.

And many of the people who stick around the office during the summer months probably aren’t all that productive, either. A Harvard University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study of Japanese bank workers found that productivity decreased when weather improved, and vice versa.

“By formalising [a summer Friday policy], it sends a clear message that we care about you,” Kropp tells Bloomberg.

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