11 Cocktails To Drink Before The End Of Summer

On a warm summer’s night, there’s nothing better than relaxing outdoors and sipping a delicious cocktail.

With the help of Food52, we’ve compiled a list of the best summer cocktail recipes. Now you won’t even have to leave your home to enjoy some of the tastiest drinks available. These range from fruity mojitos to a refreshing twist on the classic gin and tonic.

Here are 11 of the best summer cocktails.


Mixologist Erik Lombardo calls the Paloma the “working man’s margarita,” but says it’s just as simple as a gin and tonic. It’s a tasty mix of grapefruit, tequila, and soda, and Lombardo says it tastes even better if you make your own grapefruit soda by using fresh fruit syrups and club soda. He also advises against heating up the mixture, as this will give the grapefruit a darker flavour.

Follow this recipe to make a Paloma >>

Dark ‘n Stormy

This recipe for a Dark ‘n Stormy comes to us from Food52 Co-founder Amanda Hesser, and contains dark rum, ginger beer, and a lime wedge. She says this recipe is easily made for one person, but she encourages people to take liberties with her recipe. Scale up, scale down, add more booze — whatever you’d like.

Follow this recipe to make a Dark ‘n Stormy >>


Toque Magazine Founder Erika Kotite says the gimlet is the perfect cocktail for those who are just beginning to drink gin. It’s very easy to make: just pour some gin, then add lime juice and simple syrup.

Follow this recipe to make a gimlet >>

The Gin Hound

The recipe for this tasty cocktail was the result of Food52 user JRDsquared using up the end of a grapefruit and some lemon juice in his drink. The Gin Hound is a combination of grapefruit juice, lemon juice, gin (JRDsquared suggests Hendricks), and sweet vermouth. Unless you’re looking for a super strong cocktail, this is best served over rocks.

Follow this recipe to make a Gin Hound >>

Red Sangria

Sangria can be made easily by just following your instincts, but Kenzi Wilbur, Food52’s managing editor, has provided a guide to help you make the best red sangria possible. She suggests adding peaches and strawberries to the mix, but encourages people to switch out those fruits for something seasonal, if they prefer.

Follow this recipe to make red sangria >>


Also known as “bloody beer,” a Michelada is one of the most refreshing drinks you could have on a hot day. It tastes like a gentler version of a Bloody Mary, because beer is used instead of vodka. This drink tastes great even if you choose to make it non-alcoholic. Food writer TheFlyingFoodie suggests adding celery salt to to the rim of your glass.

Follow this recipe to make a Michelada >>

Grapefruit Tarragon Gin and Tonic

Food52 member mrslarkin had used grapefruit and tarragon while cooking, and decided to see what the two tasted like in a drink. The result was this delicious spin on gin and tonic. Mrslarkin suggests using Comb 9 Gin in the drink.

Follow this recipe to make a grapefruit tarragon gin and tonic >>

Strawberry Champagne Cocktail

This very summery drink is a mix of strawberries, sugar, lemon juice, and optional champagne. You can pass the puree through a sieve to get rid of the seeds, but Merrill Stubbs, editor-in-chief of Food52, prefers to leave them in for an extra crunch. She also suggests serving the drink with some salty cheese biscuits.

Follow this recipe to make a strawberry champagne cocktail >>

Gin Spritz

Gin Spritz

James Ransom/Food52

This minty fresh cocktail recipe was created by erinmcdowell, Food52 writer and co-test kitchen manager. Lime juice, mint leaves, sugar, gin, and Prosecco make up this drink. The mint and gin complement each other nicely, and the Prosecco makes the drink taste lighter.

Follow this recipe to make a Gin Spritz >>

Pimm’s Cup

The Pimm’s Cup is very difficult to dislike. It’s made with a blend of cucumber, strawberries, mint, and gin, and Kenzi Wilbur urges people to put lots of fruit in the glass — as she says, “It wants to be fruit-logged.” Wilbur prefers to make the drink low on alcohol, because the point of a Pimm’s Cup is the taste, more than anything. Try topping it off with ginger ale instead of lemonade for a bit of a sting.

Follow this recipe for a Pimm’s Cup >>

Raspberry Acetosa Mojito

Food writer Emiko Davies made a delicious raspberry acetosa, and at the suggestion of her husband, added the syrup to a mojito. The result was this fruity drink, which mixes the sting of red wine vinegar with the sweetness of raspberries.

Follow this recipe to make a raspberry acetosa mojito >>

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